Prelude :

The two most important concepts to designing and building ponds and water features;





Spend your time and money investigating and purchasing a proper filtration system

before you purchase any other product for your pond. Then find a proper location

for your pond. A location where you will receive the most benefit from it. A location

where you will be able to view it as much as possible. Not only from outside, but if

possible,from inside your house as well. The steps below describe how to install

a soft rubber or pvc liner. The installation of a rigid liner is basically the same.

To calculate the size of liner you need see the basic formula at bottom of page.

CAUTION : Before doing any excavation, check with your local utilities for

buried cables, or pipes. Also check your local building codes for any permits

that you may need.  In many areas fencing is required around a pond.



Step1: Location :                               

     Locate where you wish to place your pond.Then draw the outline of it, out on the ground. During this step you will wish to call in your electrician to run an approved GFCI outlet to your pond. Also allow for an external filter if that is the type you have purchased.  






Step 2 : Excavation :                         

  Excavate the area you have just marked out. Excavate different levels in your pond to allow for placement of plants that need different depths of water.








Step 3 : Prep work :               

   Check your excavation for sharp rocks, twigs, etc.  that could cause a puncture of your liner. Then place a liner underlayment product or sand inside your excavated hole.

Step 4 : Liner Placement :                      

    Place your liner over your excavated hole. Place a hose with the water on,in the center. Allow the water to weigh down the liner. You are now ready to get your feet wet. As the water spreads out the liner and holds it in place. You need to get in and remove the wrinkles and folds.

Step 5 : Trim Liner :                                  

   After you have satisfactorily removed the wrinkles from the liner. You can now trim it to fit. IMPORTANT: It is better to trim off too little at a time, than too much. Also leave some extra around the finished excavation.

Step 6 : Edging Placement :                    

Place a stone product or other product of your choice. Around the periphery of your pond. You can now trim off the last excess remnants of your liner.

Step 7 : Plants :                                            

You can now place your plants, fish and pump into the pond. Making sure to de-clorinate the water before hand. Now sit back and admire your accomplishment.






Determining the correct liner size.

This is the basic math formula you will need to use.

Pond liner width=Finished pond width + (depth X 2) + (edge overlap X 2 )

Pond liner length=Finished pond length + (depth X 2) + (edge overlap X 2)








Photographs courtesy of Lilypons