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   At  LOTF  we can see the beauty in nature.That is reflected in our landscape designs.To garden, to assist in the growth of plants, is a glorious experience.
The purpose of landscaping, is to create outdoor living spaces, to paint
with plants onto the canvas of the land.To take the rigid architecture of
the structures we inhabit and to connect them with the flow of nature.



  When you observe this Big Blue Marble that we all live on from afar.
You can see the wonderous glory that we have inherited. You can see
why gardening is something to be cherished. You can almost see the
flow of Mother Nature as we try to emulate her beauty in our landscapes. Art is in the eye of the beholder . A properly designed and installed
landscape is ART.


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Waterfalls and water features and ponds with stream beds and grael . With koi and golfish. Landscape lighting low voltage type are designed by LOTF . Trees are planted on farm and urban landscapes . Landscaping with tree like oak , maple , cypress , birch , juniper , cedar , yew , and pine . Ponds with ornamental gravel and boulders and bio-filters . Filtration for ponds and water feature

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s and waterfalls. Butterflys and butterfly gardens . Zone Map . Beneficial insects and detrimental insects and weeds are discussed. These are just some of the items covered on this site.